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Monday, September 10, 2012

Grizzly Bear - Shields

Grizzly Bear Announce Album Title and Cover Art

Label: Warp Records
Genre: Indie Rock

Download - Download (Updated Sep. 22th)

01 Sleeping Ute
02 Speak In Rounds
03 Adelma
04 Yet Again
05 The Hunt
06 A Simple Answer
07 Whats Wrong
08 Gun-Shy
09 Half Gate
10 Sun In Your Eyes

Editorial review-
 Shields, the fourth and most fluid album by Grizzly Bear to date, will be released on Sept. 18, 2012. The quartet of Chris Bear, Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen and Chris Taylor have never made a quick follow-up; it took them three years to get from Horn of Plenty to Yellow House, three more to get from Yellow House to Veckatimest. Between those records, though, they'd not only toured (headlining as well as with the likes of Radiohead, Feist, Wilco, TV on the Radio and more), but issued singles and splits, EPs, remixes and solo projects. The potential energy gathered in tour vans and busses, in studios and on stages for years was finally released, giving the individual band's pieces the chance to recover and, after a year, return to being Grizzly Bear, and delivering their best album yet. ''This has a different energy behind it,'' concludes Ed Droste. ''Veckatimest was a little more of a polite album; the desire to keep the vocals smooth might have kept a little distance between us and the audience. This one feels a bit more rough and exposed, so that on Shields, everything speaks for itself.''

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible [w/video]

 Soaring Over New England In The World's Fastest Four-Place Drop- They were imaginary, nothing morfabrications conjured to stimulate dreams. Highly decorated and embroidered with bright colors and tassels, the enchanting tapestries appeared everywhere in Arabian fairy tales. The capacity to hover effortlessly a few feet off the ground, or move comfortably and seamless between great distances at high speed, was all make-believe – items in a well-told fable. But the magic flying carpet really does exist.
We recently traveled to New England to spend a weekend with the 2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible. At first glance, the range-topping droptop appears to be yet another Continental GTC. But looks can be very deceiving. The Supersports has been meticulously engineered to showcase the automaker's performance capabilities, yet it never forgets its Bentley DNA.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beach House - Bloom

Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: May 14, 2012
Format: MP3

Download: Uploaded
Update- Download
01. Myth
02. Wild
03. Lazuli
04. Other People
05. The Hours
06. Troublemaker
07. New Year
08. Wishes
09. On the Sea
10. Irene
 The album was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas, and was co-produced by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blonde Redhead producer Chris Coady, who also produced the band's previous album Teen Dream. Beach House chose to record in west Texas after being captivated by the area while resting there during a tour. Bloom was mixed at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. The album took seven weeks to record.
Victoria LeGrand described the album's title as an "abstraction of many feelings." LeGrand continued:
To find a word or a set of words we felt curated the whole thing, Bloom was it. And it was based off of feeling and just a belief in the word. It actually has more weight for me than it has an ethereal quality. It came about where it made sense. [..] For things to feel right, it definitely has to sit for a while and I think that's why it's not ethereal for me. I associate that word with fleeting or not having any substance, I don't know. [..] I'm just saying that for us there's a certain intensity with this record, and I think the word "bloom" is an attempt at that.
The first song released from Bloom, "Myth," was posted on Beach House's website on March 6, 2012. On March 8, 2012, the album's release date was announced. A second song from the album, "Lazuli," was released as a Record Store Day single on April 13, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bear in Heaven - I Love You, It's Cool

I Love You, It's Cool LP 

Bear in Heaven (April 5th, 2012)

Track list - 
01. Idle Heart (3:48)
02. The Reflection Of You (4:19)
03. Noon Moon (3:46)
04. Sinful Nature (5:13)
05. Cool Light (4:11)
06. Kiss Me Crazy (3:23)
07. World Of Freakout (4:25)
08. Warm Water (4:23)
09. Space Remains (4:16)
10. Sweetness & Sickness (6:14)

 For a band that spends more than two years between studio albums, Bear in Heaven don't seem to have hang-ups about fucking around with the final result. This has worked out well for them: 2009's breakthrough Beast Rest Forth Mouth was the result of streamlining the proggy excesses of Red Bloom of the Boom into something familiar, wholly of the moment, and yet impossible to pin down-- you knew some combination of "indie," "rock," "synth," "dance," and "electro" should work, and yet not a single hyphenate stuck satisfactorily. A year later, the band commissioned artists ranging from High Places to Justin Broadrick for Beast Rest Forth Mouth Remixed, which defied all expectations associated with indie rock remix records by actually being pretty good.