Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top 10 artist from, for 2011 listeners.

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Top 10 artists in 2011 scrobbled by -

1. Adele
soul, female vocalists, british
818,395 Listeners

2. Lady Gaga
pop, dance, electronic ...
3. Foster The People
indie, indie pop, alternative
449,925 listeners
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4. Britney Spears
pop, dance, female vocalists
424,877 listeners

5. Natalia Kills
pop, female vocalists, dark pop
372,846 listeners

6. J. Cole
hip-hop, rap, underground hip-hop
354,336 listeners

7. The Strokes
rock, indie, indie rock
329,327 listeners

8. Foo Fighters
rock, alternative rock, alternative
326,810 listeners

alternative, alternative rock, rock
295,314 listeners

10. Avril Lavigne
pop, pop rock, rock
284,885 listeners
The biggest artists in the world based on the music played by listeners.