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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Evian Christ - Kings and Them

Kings and Them

Evian Christ

01. Drip
02. MYD
03. Go Girl
04.Fuck It None Of Ya'll Don't Rap
05. Horses in Motor 
06. Snapback Back
07. Thrown Like Jacks
08. Fridge, Crank, Gun

 (PF)- These days, there's no shortage of R&B/rap-influenced producers releasing pitch-dark music behind a cryptic veil. And it's easy to peg that increasingly tired narrative on Evian Christ, who enigmatically put songs up on YouTube in December, released a mixtape, Kings and Them, on Tri Angle in February, and generated plenty of web chatter in the process. But Joshua Leary, 22, says he never really cared about anonymity, and that he wasn't being strategic by originally holding back his real name. He only put his songs online for his friends to hear, but then Dummy caught on, and he started getting tons of messages from "quite big record labels, managers, booking agents, visual artists, and French fashion magazines."